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The Difference Between On-Page And Off-Page SEO

The vast majority of website owners understand that it’s incredibly important to use search engine optimization techniques. Especially if you can get help from a company such as Tunzel SEO Services. SEO is necessary for you to achieve a higher pagerank and attract constant traffic to your website. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to a large set of tools used to attract search engines, providing them with as much information as possible about your website. Of course, many website owners fail to understand the process completely. In particular, many don’t understand the fact that there are two types of SEO – on-page, and off-page – and how each can be used in order to improve one’s search engine results.


The Main Difference

The main difference between the two categories is the fact that on-page SEO refers to factors that are optimized on the site itself, to make it more friendly to search engines, while off-page SEO refers to techniques used to increase the website’s popularity and credibility among users, which is important for rankings as well. For instance, when doing on-page optimization, you should consider factors such as meta-titles and descriptions, internal links, keyword density and content quality. Off-page optimization, on the other hand, is more related to link building, social bookmarking, social media and others.

The moment you start your business or begin trying to grow a business you already have, both types of SEO become incredibly important. It’s true that it’s possible to get your website to rank high using off-page factors only without working much on on-page optimization. However, if your website isn’t very good or easy to navigate in, visitors who come in after a search aren’t likely to stay for long. In the end, it won’t benefit your business much – and search engines notice when visitors don’t stick around. This means it is very important to make sure you use a variety of SEO services in order to first optimize your website, especially since the engines have been paying more and more attention to user experience when ranking a website these days.


On-Page Optimization: Content Is King

We’ve all heard that term, and it’s absolutely true. When it comes to optimizing your website, the single best step you can take is making sure you provide quality content. However, there’s more to it than that: You need to make sure visitor experience is as smooth as possible, and that your site is very easy to navigate in. The amount of content is important as well, and you need to make sure it’s updated regularly.


Important Technical Aspects

Similarly, technical aspects of your website can be very important to a search engine. Engines usually look for factors such as the use of keywords in titles, text, and descriptions – but make sure they appear naturally, without stuffing. Remember to choose your heading tags carefully, and prepare ALT tags too (the labels you provide for images on pages). Optimizing tags can be very important – and with the advice of Tunzel’s SEO experts, you’ll know just what to include.


Website Architecture

Once you’re done with keywords, review your website’s architecture. Make sure the site works flawlessly and is easy to use. Pages should load fast, internal links should always work, and everything should be easy to find. Adopting a logical structure for pages such as a silo structure is a great idea.


Off-Page Optimizing Benefits

Once you’re confident that your website is very well optimized, it’s time to turn your attention to the off-page factors. Such factors can help search engines understand your site is relevant and reliable, and that the rest of the Internet community can attest to that. When visitors and other webmasters appear to respect your site, it’ll rank much higher. The most common and powerful way to do off-page optimization is through natural inbound links – but there are a few other strategies as well.


Why Links Are Important

A natural inbound link is an unsolicited link from another blog or website. Keep in mind that links from your forum signature or comments on people’s blogs don’t count. Real inbound links can be very influential since they constitute proof that your website is relevant in a certain niche. Of course, quality can be more important than quantity in this case. One link from a major website such as the Austin Chronicle could count more than ten links from random blogs around the web. More links never hurt, though, so make sure to encourage ordinary ones as well!


Getting Links

At first, it might be hard to picture a way to get natural links. However, it’s not that complicated – it goes back to content. If you keep putting out fresh, original content with consistency, other webmasters in your niche will eventually find your website and want to share it with readers. This applies to all sort of content – from text and images to videos or infographics. Another good way to get links is by encouraging your visitors to bookmark your content in social bookmarking websites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious or Digg, and liking your Facebook page. Don’t join link exchange programs, though, as it’s not effective and could get you penalized.


Other Techniques

It’s important to remember that methods which were once useful can be of much less value these days. Publishing on shared content directories or doing article marketing are good examples. Guest blogging – arranging to publish posts on another person’s website – can be still valid if certain conditions are met. The site needs to be in the same niche or a closely related one, the post needs to be unique and clearly add value, and the site needs to have good content as well.


On-Site And Off-Site Are Complimentary

While On-page and Off-page optimization can be quite different, do not think of them as completely separate. In fact, they’re complementary. It is very important that your site is easy to use and pleases search engines, but you need to find natural ways of attracting popularity from outside if you want it to outrank your competitors. It can be very hard to do all the necessary SEO work on your own – so instead of stressing about all that, it’s best to count on the best Austin SEO services to make sure you get everything right and push your website to the top of the results.